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Hi All,

This morning I saw a heartwarming human interest story on the news. It was about a refugee African family who had just arrived in San Diego, rescued by a group of volunteers. The father said that they all felt as if they had just been flown to Heaven. They are overwhelmingly GRATEFUL to be here!

I wondered how our American lives must look like through the eyes of these people. I was born in Southern California! I don’t know what it’s like to be too hot or too cold, much less to live amidst violent strife in my country. I am healthy and alive. I have a roof over my head and loved ones around me. I have a computer and a working car.

I was considered to be a struggling single mom, yet my daughter had medical attention, a good education and grew up knowing that she could do and be anything she wanted to! In fact she is in law school now.

Prosperity is relative, isn’t it? Maybe Heaven is relative too. It has been written that the Kingdom of God is at hand. I think that might mean that Heaven is RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW! We just have to open to see it!

Appreciation is a basic concept in accounting. Something that has been appreciated is given more value then it had before! In the same way, gratitude expands the good in our lives.

Isn’t it great to have a special day just for giving thanks? In truth, the Law of Attraction is active every other day of the year too! Think about the things in your life that you want to expand, and be thankful for what you have now!

Energize your gratitude with action! Think of someone who has helped you or that you are thankful to have in your life. Send them a note or make a phone call. Let them know that you appreciate them. Do this at least five times. Pay attention to how good you feel and how that feeling expands.

I am pleased to express my appreciation for all of my wonderful clients and readers. It is you who make all the difference for me! (There, I just thanked hundreds of people and I feel great!)


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Direct your energy

My husband loves to watch the History and Learning channels, so I am constantly being exposed to all kinds of interesting information. (Insert eye roll here)

The other day, for instance, I learned that the waves in Hawaii sometimes begin as a ripple of energy created by a storm in Australia. It can take 8 days for this ripple to reach Hawaii where the coral reefs transform that energy into some of the biggest, most beautiful surf in the world.

This factoid really caught my attention. I thought about tsunamis, which are created by the energy of an earthquake undersea, causing giant waves that sweep into low-lying areas ashore, wreaking havoc on life there.

The flow of energy in the natural world does not judge or consider the impact of itself on the world. It is transformed by what it encounters, in beautiful or horrendous ways without regard to impact.

We are also constantly transforming energy. Our creative thoughts are the channel that directs this flow. We take Spiritual energy and send it out however we will!

The past stock market dive is an example. The bank and housing crisis rippled out into our collective mind and created a tsunami of fear. Why not? Our situation looked scary! Driven by energized panic, the stock market fell and fell, and fell! Even as the president spoke on television about plans to turn this horrible mess around, the numbers continued to plummet.

We may not all agree on the best way to move up from here. We can, however, make the choice within ourselves. We can refuse to be swept away in a climate of fear. We can direct our own energy.

Lesson: Direct your energy toward your desires!

Pay really close attention to who you are listening to and what you are thinking. There are various predictions about the return of the economy. You choose what you believe and think about. Gas prices rise and then they fall. The morning news reports that housing sales are up, if slightly. There is plenty of positive news.

Take yourself out of the prevailing tide of negative energy. Create your own mental stream of thought about what you want to be true for you. Look for ways to direct your energy that are the most hopeful/helpful. I am using this time to develop my writing, a long neglected dream!

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Expect Positive Results

It has been suggested to me recently that the metaphysical belief system is nothing more than delusion, and those who choose to think positively live in denial.  If so, I will just stay out there in LaLa land, because I am no longer able to live anywhere else!   I am completely around the bend!

That’s the funny thing about life.  It really is all in your mind.  That is exactly where it starts!!!

Feeling usually follows thought!  If you hold a positive expectation, this is what you will tend to pay attention to and experience.  Thinking positively at the very least gives you a better outlook on life, and just plain makes you feel good.

But that is not the whole story.  Thoughts are forms of energy and are creative.  They go out into the universe and attract similar energy. If you focus on your unhappiness in your present circumstance, that experience persists in your life.

Expect Positive Results in your mind, even if it does not match what appears to be around you!  Try to find one good quality in that boss or coworker who makes your life a misery.  Bless your car, even though it keeps breaking down.

Energy flows where attention flows.  Do you want to let it all slide downhill?

Think of a person that you know very well and love.  First focus your attention on this person’s faults and shortcomings.  Remember a time when this person let you down in some way, or said something really thoughtless that hurt you.  How does it make you feel?

Take a nice deep breath and bring your mind back to neutral.

Now, focus on all the things you admire about this person.  The fun times you have shared, or the ways that you feel close.  Focus on a positive experience you had together.  Now what are you feeling?

Is this the same person?  Yes, it is. You are the one who has changed!  Ask yourself in which state of mind/emotion you want to live?

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Hi All,

I’m back, as promised, to talk about who we are.  Who are you?  That is not just an existential question.

According to the Law of Attraction, YOU ARE WHO YOU SAY YOU ARE!  Do you make statements like I AM broke, I AM fat, I AM too old/young, or I CAN’T do that?  Join the club!  We all do this from time to time.

Those kinds of statements merely reflect what your present life looks like to you. Your present circumstances were created by your PAST thinking!

But, but, but, all that stuff looks so real, you might say!  There really isn’t enough money in my bank account right now.  All the men or women I meet are jerks! The good ones do seem to be taken. The economy is in trouble.  Other people or circumstance or my own imagined shortcomings really are keeping me from being happy. I never can find enough Love, money, peace, time, etc…..

Whoa, Dude, Back UP!  Somewhere along the line, you learned to think this way. When you were putting those I AM statements out there, the Universe was listening!  You used your I AM statements to create your reality.

When you say I AM, you are linking yourself to the Spark of the Divine that is at the core of your being. This Spark attracts to you like or similar energy. This I AM is the Real You and is more powerful than any negative circumstance!!!  Isn’t that great news?  It means that YOU can recreate your experience!

Lesson: Start today to observe yourself and the statements you are making throughout the day.  Make a list, but do not feel discouraged!  Simply turn the statements around.

I AM wealthy!

I AM now attracting my perfect partner!”

I AM confident and strong.  I can handle any situation

I AM a Beloved Child of a Wise and Benevolent Father and Mother.

Only the Best for me!

I AM in the flow of my Good!

This may feel a little strange at first, declaring your Good in the midst of seemingly bad appearances.  Do this experiment anyway.

Create an affirmation that suits your desires.  Put it in the present tense so that the Universe doesn’t leave it hanging out there in the future.  Say or write it many times a day.  Ask the universe for confirmation, and pay attention to what happens.

I AM claiming the Best for you!

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This morning I was waiting in the car for my husband to come back from an errand.  A woman came out of a nearby office with a box of doughnuts and offered me one.  Wayne only smiled when he came back to find me sitting there with a doughnut that hadn’t been there when he left.  He knows this kind of stuff happens to me all the time!  (Of course I gave him most it. Doughnuts still have calories, even when they are free!)

I have recently been guided to share my knowledge on the subject of the Law of Attraction with all of you, but up until that moment did not know where to start.  Then it hit me!  Why not start small?

Can you really attract the things that you want or need to have a successful and happy life simply by changing your thoughts???  The answer in my experience is absolutely yes, yes, YES!!!  I have created many things, including insanely inexpensive housing, an entire new career, the best education for my daughter, even the perfect man for me!

As I mentioned before, let’s start small:

Create a small gift for yourself this next week.  After all, who doesn’t like a present?  Take a moment right now.  Take a deep breath and center yourself.  Tell the Universe to send you an unexpected gift this week.  Dare to really believe that you will have it.  Imagine the feeling of delight at receiving a little surprise out of the blue.  Say a word of thanks in advance (you can do all of this silently, of course)  and then let the moment go from your mind and get on with your day!

Pay attention to the way it comes to you.  It could be a payment of a loan long forgotten, a friend picking up the check at dinner, or a coworker sharing some nice little snack.  Maybe you will find a $20 bill just lying on the ground. Anything can (and will!) happen!

Happy Manifesting!

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Look Around Your Life

When I started my prosperity series, I was guided to allow my life experience to determine the order in which I would present this wonderful information. Unfortunately, this one is a little tough.

As many of you know, I lost my brother recently. (Many thanks for your messages of condolence, I felt your Love in a very tangible way.)

Jeff died of illness caused by alcohol abuse. He had been hospitalized many times with this and still could not stop drinking. In the end, he lost his struggle with addiction. I know he is at peace now.

An important key to the Law of Attraction is release. When you let go of something which is harmful to you, you send a message to the Universe that you Love yourself more than you want to be involved with a destructive habit/relationship/lifestyle/thought process. In fact, you know that you are worthy of a happy, healthy, prosperous life.

For me, it is the nasty addiction to nicotine. The profoundly painful loss of my brother has made me realize that I cannot continue doing something that could cause me so much harm. It has been a little over four weeks since I lit one up, and you won’t see me doing that again!

We cannot hold on to behavior that keeps us in past ways of thinking and move toward our Good at the same time. Take a moment and imagine how much lighter it would feel without that one pesky bugaboo that you can’t seem to let go of, even though you know you would be happier and better off without it.

Lesson: Look around your life.

What do you need to give up in order to make room for your best life now? Are you involved in a hurtful relationship, bad habit, or other personal drama? Make a commitment to let it go! Get help if you need it. As a spiritual being you are deserving of so much more!

Another way to work on release is to simply make physical space. Get rid of the things that you don’t need. Clean out your closets. Hand unneeded things on to others who can use them. Affirm that you are making space for more Good in your life and that you are attracting your Good Now! Trust the Universe to fill the void with something wonderful.

Hypnosis really helps with habit control, and the release of fears and other blocks. I am available for counseling and hypnotherapy at 619-847-1559!

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Holiday Season

Hi Everyone,

Hope your Holiday season has been beautiful so far.

It seems to me that we all could use a fresh start right about now. I use some wonderful rituals that give me a renewed sense of energy at this time of year. They are easy and fun to do. You might want to do them yourself.

Between Christmas and New Year’s, I make a list of 100 good things that happened this year. It could be a big event, a book I read, or a special conversation. This takes a little mental digging and calendar checking, but that is the reason for the big number! I am evaluating the year based on good.

Then, to sweep out the cobwebs and set my intentions, I make a written list of the things that I do not want to bring into the New Year. I don’t want resentments, bad habits, or any little bits of negativity following me around. I say a prayer of release then burn the list.

I set my intent for the New Year by writing a letter telling the Universe what I want to create from here, including the mental, spiritual, emotional, and financial aspects of life that I want to bring to fruition. I bless it and hide the letter in a drawer until next December. It is fun to see how many things come out!

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