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Attracting Soulmates | Psychic Development | Creating Prosperity | Tarot

Attracting Soulmates:

I will show you how to break through past and present obstacles, and make dating an interesting, fun, and spiritual process. It isn’t really about how you look or what you do for a living. It’s all about finding your match. Get going toward creating a happy, healthy relationship with the person who is right for you!Testimonial: I’m less inclined to judge myself so harshly for my faults and issues, we all have them. I’ve had some pretty special men in my life and each one has taught me something about myself…one of these days the connection I’m looking for will happen, I have complete faith in the process and am enjoying the journey…I would recommend this class to anyone who is searching for a lasting connection. – Sheryl

Psychic Development:

Everyone has psychic ability! You can use simple tools to become more psychic. Learn how to work with your own intuition. Come surprise yourself! In this course you will:

  • Learn to work with a pendulum
  • See Auras
  • Do readings for yourself or friends
  • Look at Past Lives
  • Work with Psychometry

Creating Prosperity:

Make your life better using the Law of Attraction. Gain mastery over your finances, job and health. Renew your energy and find a new appreciation for your life now! Come play with us. See for yourself what the buzz is really about, and more!

  • Practice principles that will change your life
  • Learn how to attract your good
  • Make your goals and dreams a reality in any economy
  • Work with other powerful and like minded people
  • Find peace and happiness with your life now

Testimonial: During a meditation in Kim’s Creating Prosperity class, I had a clear vision of myself on a trip I had been wanting to take for a long time. In that moment, knew that I had manifested it! Now I know I can create anything I choose just by creating the feeling of having it and allowing it to come to me. – Jackleen Holton, Life Coach, Poet


The tarot is an ancient and powerful form of divination. The symbolism and pictures span the scope of human experience. Come learn everything you need to know to get started doing your own tarot readings. Predict outcomes and gain information to make positive choices! In this course you will:

  • Understand basic card meanings
  • Learn easy layouts and spreads
  • Practice reading with other students to answer some of your life questions
  • Discuss how tarot relates to astrology and other forms of divination

Testimonial: After the first tarot class I was HOOKED! …You make it seem so easy and really have a knack to help us remember what the cards mean and to trust our instincts. I was glad to have chosen this as my first introduction to Tarot, I can’t wait for your next class to begin! – Stacia-Homemaker